Life Sciences Collaborations & Licensing

Foley’s Life Sciences Collaborations & Licensing attorneys work together to ensure you are fully protected when entering into collaborative and licensing agreements.
We counsel you on structuring, negotiating, and implementing collaborative and licensing transactions that may have a major, even transformative, impact on your life sciences company’s business. Our Collaborations & Licensing IP attorneys provide in-depth due diligence and tailor the process to fit your needs and the type and size of the transaction, while the corporate members structure competitive and well-researched agreements designed to help foster your growth and innovation in the life sciences sector. In addition, we also work closely with our FDA, antitrust, reimbursement, and other Foley attorneys to provide you with cohesive and complete transactional services.

Leveraging IP in Strategic Alliances
Life sciences companies are increasingly relying on strategic alliances as a means of financing research and development, validating technology, expanding product pipelines, and commercializing products. We offer a solid understanding of your patent portfolio, and emphasize the significance of IP as an essential driver in your deals. Given our breadth of experience and historic deal data, we counsel you not only on strictly legal issues, but can provide you with deal comparables and advice on the various business aspects of these transactions. We also work with you to sort through the myriad of deal structures and find the most appropriate solution, while negotiating the most favorable terms for your company.

Accolades of Interest
Foley participates in BioPharm Insight League Tables for Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Licensing Agreements. BioPharm Insight is a global media and data network that provides information and coverage of pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry news and data reporting.

Rankings received are as follows:

  • 2011 Global Rankings
    On the global league table of legal advisors in licensing agreements in terms of volume, Foley was ranked seventh for Q1 2011. In the global Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) Table, ending March 2011, Foley was ranked ninth for licensing agreements in terms of volume.
  • 2011 North America Rankings
    On the league table of legal advisors in North American licensing agreements, Foley was ranked eighth in terms of volume.
  • 2011 Europe Rankings
    On the league table of legal advisors in European licensing agreements, Foley was ranked seventh in terms of volume.
  • 2010 Global Rankings
    In the global Trailing Twelve Month (TTM) Table, ending September 2010, Foley was ranked 17th for licensing agreement value overall.
  • 2010 North America Rankings
    Foley was ranked 15th for value in North American agreements, with a ranking of 18th in terms of deal volume for the region.
  • 2010 Europe Rankings
    On the league table for European agreements, Foley ranked 14th in terms of value and 19th for volume.