2022 Talent Year in Review: DEI Strategic Plan

Delve Into Our 2026 Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategic Plan

In 2022, Foley introduced an updated DEI Strategic Plan that builds on the firm’s past successes, aligns with our firmwide strategic plan, and reflects our integrated talent approach.

Scroll down to learn about each of the plan’s five pillars.


Hear partner Sara Madavo discuss how we are working to increase the number of attorneys from demographically underrepresented backgrounds, in particular Black attorneys, recruited as entry-level and lateral hires.

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Hear Director of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Alexis Robertson share how Foley is embedding DEI considerations in legal talent development processes and procedures, working to ensure that attorneys from demographically underrepresented backgrounds receive equitable access to assignments, feedback, professional development, and client opportunities.

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Foley is focused on intentionally diversifying the firm’s partnership and leadership positions. The following illustrates the demographics of attorneys, from demographically underrepresented backgrounds*, who serve on our management committee, are members of our equity partnership, serve as department leadership, U.S. office managing partners, and comprise the overall attorney population. 






  of our Management Committee   of our Equity Partnership    of Department Leadership   


   of U.S. Office Managing Partners    of All Attorneys        

*Gender, ethnicity, LGBTQ, veterans, and persons with disabilities

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Learn how we are fostering and supporting a firmwide organizational culture that values diversity and promotes inclusion by providing DEI education, and related programming, to everyone at Foley.

  Foley Black History Month Program: A Discussion with Brent Leggs      
  Foley Women’s History Month Program: A Fireside Chat with Nina Totenberg about the Next SCOTUS Nominee      
  Foley Heritage Month Program: Asian American Experience in the Workplace and Beyond      
  Foley Pride Month Program: The State of LGBTQ+ Equality in 2022      
  Foley Pride Month Workshop: LGBTQ+ Allyship through the Lens of Current Events      
  Foley’s Juneteenth Program Brings Message of Education and Celebration      

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Client Engagement

Hear partner Jeff Gundersen speak about how we are proactively engaging and collaborating with clients to further DEI at Foley and in the legal industry.

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