Budget Management Tool

With Foley’s Budget Management Tool, you can easily track actual fees and expenses at any stage in a billing period against budget estimates and access graphical budget reports comparing actual performance to budgets.

The Budget Management Tool:

  • Eliminates budget “surprises” by providing transparency regarding fees as they are incurred
  • Provides predictability about total matter costs for the life of the matter and current activity period
  • Provides matter progress status
  • Enables real-time collaboration between you and Foley
  • Provides high-level budget review screen showing summary of all matters with established budgets for a client
  • End of matter projected budget based upon charges to date
  • Projected over/under established budget

This award-winning online tool provides:

  • Budget and charges summary
  • Overview and budget detail view
  • Percent complete estimate for overall budget
  • Budget detail by interval
  • Review of current budget interval
  • Navigation through budget intervals
  • Comparison of projected cost against current charges

The Budget Management Tool also offers graphical presentations of budgets and schedules, allowing you to:

  • Visually compare budget spent to time elapsed
  • View spending analysis by budget interval
  • Track monthly spend over life of budget
  • Provide additional data detail

You also can drill down to phase and task-level budget detail to view task detail with begin and end dates as well as percent complete estimates for individual tasks.