Privacy, Cybersecurity & Technology Law Perspectives

Foley’s technology lawyers are at the forefront of the privacy, cybersecurity, and technology issues that impact businesses the most in today’s ever-connected world. Representing a wide array of companies that develop, license, and monetize data and the technology that uses it across the global economy, Foley technology lawyers are committed to helping entrepreneurs, emerging company clients, and well-established companies tackle these issues and compete in a globally connected world – all day, every day. Privacy, Cybersecurity & Technology Law Perspectives is here to provide information and perspectives on the latest news and developments in privacy, cybersecurity, and technology that affects these organizations today and tomorrow.

Introducing the Artificial Intelligence Podcast Series

In addition to Foley’s written blogs, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Artificial Intelligence Podcast Series in partnership with the California Technology Council as part of our combined efforts to help foster high-tech innovation, collaboration, and growth across the state and beyond. This series dives deep into areas of data science, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, and features Foley attorneys, clients, and other industry contacts as thought leaders on trending topics in AI. Below are links to our most recent episodes:

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