Venture Growth Roundtable

07 October 2015 Past Event

2015 Texas Venture Growth Forum

Gardere Attorney Rick Jordan will participate on the “Venture Growth Roundtable” at the Wednesday session of the Texas Venture Growth Forum in Austin, Texas. The panel will provide insight into the challenges of unlocking hidden value in technology companies and provide an ideal framework for growth.

Gardere is a sponsor of the two-day conference, which will highlight topics related to venture and private equity funding and will showcase leaders from Texas. Companies with more than $5 million in revenue are invited to participate and will have the opportunity to present to venture capitalists, private equity firms and family offices from across the U.S. in a series of private presentations. As Texas continues to grow, its leading companies will need to raise more capital to continue their growth. The Texas Venture Growth Forum seeks to educate the entrepreneur and facilitate introductions to prospective investors.

Additional information and registration options can be found here.

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