What Now? Living in a World of Identity Theft

13 December 2017 Past Event

Crockett, McBride & Associates Quarterly Conference Call

Gardere’s cybersecurity co-chair Peter Vogel will join a panel of identity theft prevention professionals Dec. 13 to discuss how families can protect their assets during the Crockett, McBride & Associates quarterly conference call. 

From corporate data hacks to election tampering allegations, 2017 has been a year marked by news headlines related to cybercrime. In our world of ever-increasing technology, how concerned should we be about identity theft? And what — if anything — can be done to better protect our information?

This year-end conference call will feature identity theft practitioners from the sectors of law, finance and technology. Together we’ll unpack the key issues surrounding identity theft, and shed important light on the unique risks that exist for those with sizable assets. 

To join the call, register here.

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