Gardere Partner Peter Vogel Warns of Security Storm Hiding in iCloud

10 June 2011 News

Apple's recent introduction of its iCloud wireless data sync service came with a prediction from Steve Jobs that the free service will allow anyone to store all of their music, video, photos and documents on the Internet. Although the success of the service is almost assured, Dallas Partner Peter Vogel, chair of Gardere's Electronic Discovery group and co-chair of the Internet, eCommerce and Technology industry team, notes that recent high-profile security breaches, such as the theft of passwords and user names from the FBI, might cause some hesitation for those anxious to use the service.

"Even for those who are not overly concerned about security, the FBI break-in should be a wake-up call," he says. "The cloud is unbelievably hot right now, but the Internet is still not secure enough for all users to rely on iCloud." For more information, read Mr. Vogel's Internet, Information Technology & e-Discovery Blog post Apple Announces iCloud and While the FBI Admits an Internet Breach.

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