Judge Sides with Gardere Client Stallion and Refused to Delay Suit

07 December 2012 News

Law360 reported on Judge Brent Gamble's decision to refuse to put Stallion Oilfield Services Inc.'s suit against Stagg Marine Inc. Principal Tommy Angelle on hold. Mr. Angelle had filed a motion to abate stating that an ongoing criminal investigation would force him to refuse to testify, prejudicing his chances of prevailing in the civil suit. Stallion argued, "assertion of legal privilege alone does not present a legal basis for abatement." Judge Gamble sided with Stallion noting that Mr. Angelle's motion "lacks merit."

Stallion is represented in the kickback suit against Stagg Marine by Gardere Attorneys Geoffrey H. Bracken, Rhonda Reed Weiner and Mike Seely.

Subscribers may access the full article here.

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