Mitchell Interviewed in The Wall Street Journal

07 June 2013 The Wall Street Journal News

The Wall Street Journal

Partner Cleta Mitchell was interviewed in a June 7, 2013 article in The Wall Street Journal titled, “How to Investigate the IRS.” The piece discusses Ms. Mitchell’s involvement, beginning in 2012, to persuade members of Congress that reports of IRS harassment of conservative groups were credible. She states, "This is not in the past tense. This is still going on.” According to the article, Ms. Mitchell currently represents nine conservative groups that, since 2010, have been subjected to “unusual delays, unlawful demands for information, and in some cases unlawful releases of their confidential data.” So far, only one of the nine groups has received IRS approval to operate as a tax-exempt group. Ultimately, Ms. Mitchell would like transparency from the government, stating, “I just want to know who did what and when, and I want them to issue the letters and I want them to stop targeting and go back to the process that prevailed before the current era of abuse.”