Shriner Quoted on Term Limits for State Supreme Court

29 June 2013 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel News

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Milwaukee Partner Tom Shriner was quoted in an article that appeared in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel on June 29, 2013, titled “Panel suggests term limits for state Supreme Court. Task force of attorneys recommends one 16-year term for justices.” This article details a recommendation made by a special task force of attorneys limiting Wisconsin Supreme Court justices to a single 16-year term, a move it says could help restore public confidence in a court best by increasingly confrontational political campaigns. Mr. Shriner said term limits might also encourage better candidates to run. “You would attract candidates who would say, ‘I’ll put myself and my family through that once, and try to make a mark as a member of the court, and then do something else,” Mr. Shriner said.

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