Rothman Quoted on Next Generation Manufacturing

24 July 2013 Wisconsin Law Journal News

Wisconsin Law Journal

Foley Chairman and CEO Jay Rothman was quoted in an article published in the Wisconsin Law Journal on July 24, 2013 titled “Wisconsin firms tap into manufacturing comeback.” The article discusses the strategy that Foley is adopting to better serve manufacturing client bases to take advantage of the industry’s resurgence. Mr. Rothman was quoted saying, “A popular myth at the close of the 20th century and into the 2000s was that manufacturing in the U.S. was dead. Manufacturing was not as vibrant as it had been, but it still played an important role in the economy.”

Mr. Rothman continued, “If you look at the number of people still employed in manufacturing during that period, it was a lot. What had happened, though, was there was a decline in employment, in part due to outsourcing of manufacturing to other locations primarily due to costs, but also to be closer to markets that are emerging.”

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