Cerezo Discusses Representation of Shareholders of Ecuador's Produbanco

22 April 2014 Miami Daily Business Review News

Miami Daily Business Review

Partner Francisco Cerezo was featured in a column published in the Miami Daily Business Review on April 22, 2014, titled "Without the Aid of This Foley Partner, $130 Million Bank Merger Might Not Have Happened." The profile highlighted Cerezo's representation of shareholders of Ecuador's Produbanco, one of the largest banks in Ecuador, in the merger with Nicaragua-based Promerica. The transaction, valued at $130 million, is considered one of the largest bank deals in Ecuador in the past decade. Cerezo was quoted saying, "Here you had a deal where even though it's a very significant transaction, you have people who are shareholders in a bank, but it's not their core business and you have to reconcile a number of things.”

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