Law360 Features Gardere's Latin America Expansion

08 August 2014 News

Law 360 covered law firm global expansion, featuring Gardere's recent Latin America expansion. The Firm recently entered into an agreement for its Mexico City joint venture entity, Gardere, Arena y Asociados S.C., to become a wholly owned subsidiary of Gardere. Gardere Chair Holland N. O'Neil said the combination allowed the Firms to partner up on all their matters rather than just joint venture matters, increasing cross-selling opportunities, improving communication among offices and pooling the Firms' resources.

"The big-picture question for both sides was probably the same – will we be better off under the new structure or the old structure?" Ms. O'Neil said. "Obviously, there will be some costs incurred in making the transition – are the benefits worth those costs in the long run?" Ultimately, Gardere's management team decided the time was right to make a big move and combine forces.

Access to the full article can be found here.

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