Seabolt Quoted on E-Discovery Regulations

23 October 2014 Inside Counsel News

Inside Counsel

Partner Scott Seabolt was quoted in an Inside Counsel article, “Spoliation Sanctions Shift,” which appeared in the November 2014 issue. The article discussed e-discovery spoliation sanctions, high discovery costs and the U.S. Judicial Conference Committee’s recently approved changes to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure rule 37(e). Seabolt was quoted saying, “What’s interesting about the new rules is that they’re much more substantive than what you’ve seen in the past, in terms of how they deal with spoliation and articulating the factors that ought to be considered in deciding whether there’s been prejudice or not. It’s one of those rare circumstances where I’ve seen the Rules go a little bit further into the weeds rather than leaving it to the judges to figure it out through the development of case law.”

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