Lateral Partner Evan Stone Offers Advice to Lawyers Considering Moving to Other Firms

09 January 2015 News

Law360 featured words of advice from lawyers and consultants for those considering moving to a new firm. Gardere Partner Evan D. Stone, who joined the Firm in January 2014, told the publication that the key question he and his team considered before making the move was "Are we expected to service existing Firm business, or can we leverage the Firm's strengths but maintain the commitment and value proposition to our clients?"

"Our goal – in considering a combination – was a Firm that would take us to the next level but not interfere," Mr. Stone said. "We were sensitive to cultures dominated by institutional clients. Gardere proved ideal, combining the best features of an institutional caliber Firm – reputation, integrity and deep relationships – with a self–starter, hands-off mindset. The only feedback from management all year has been 'How can we help?'"

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