Partner Cliff Risman Speaks on Mixed-Use Hotel Development at the Hospitality Law Conference

10 February 2015 News

Hotel News Now featured the recent 2015 Hospitality Law Conference mixed-use hotel development panel discussion, which included Gardere Partner Clifford J. Risman, chair of the Firm's Hospitality Industry Team. The panel titled "Putting a Mixed-Use Deal Together, Including Entertainment, Restaurants, EB-5 Financing and Retail," covered how mixed-use hotel development has changed since the last down cycle. According to Mr. Risman, hotel mixed-use developments are much less complicated than they were pre-financial downturn.

"They tend to be simpler and more straightforward this time around because I think a lot of people learned lessons about having too many cooks in the broth," said Mr. Risman. He then added that financing of big mixed-use deals has become less cluttered because there are fewer entities willing to finance nine-figure development projects.

The full article can be found here.


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