Partner Evan Stone Discusses New Media Art with Zhulang Gallery Director

01 June 2015 News

Patron Magazine, the contemporary voice of the arts, culture and design in Dallas and Fort Worth, featured Gardere partner and art collector Evan Stone’s interview with Aja Martin, director of Zhulong Gallery. The Zhulong Gallery works with artists who focus their craft on technology, and offers video, digital, post-internet and new media art that is considered cutting edge in the local art community. 

Mr. Stone spoke with Ms. Martin about the gallery’s design, the commerciality of digital art and its place in the community. “I wanted to show people that ‘art and technology’ as an umbrella is not all ephemeral works, but also things that are tangible, and things that can be as beautiful as older, historical museum objects,” said Ms. Martin.

Mr. Stone focuses his practice on complex investment activities for professional investment managers, strategic acquirers and other institutional investors. He shares his deep and evolving interest in contemporary art with many of his clients.

The full interview can be accessed here. To learn more about Zhulong Gallery, click here.


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