Texas Lawbook Discusses Ruling in Trademark Case

24 July 2015 News

Texas Lawbook spoke with attorneys James G. Munisteri and Jared Wilkerson regarding a Texas federal judge’s recent ruling that Canada Pipeline Accessories Co. Ltd. had valid trademarks on its CPA-50E® flow conditioners. The decision was made following a two-day trial in which RJ Machine Co. Inc. argued that it should be allowed to use the 50E name for its own competing product.

“This principle [that trademarks do not necessarily expire when patents do] is important for holders of trademarks on patented products,” said Mr. Wilkerson. “If holders were to lose their trademarks as soon as their patent expires, the value of the trademarks would decrease.”

According to the article, losing the trademarks covering the 50E name could have been disastrous to the business.

“The principals of Canada Pipeline worked for almost 20 years to establish a reputation such that (oil and gas) companies around the United States had specified their product in the pipelines,” said Mr. Munisteri.

Gardere Partner Mark A. Mayfield also worked on the case.

Subscribers can access the full article here.

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