Overly Quoted on Foreign Cyber Hacks

31 July 2016 Business Insurance News

Business Insurance

Partner Michael Overly was quoted in a Business Insurance article, “Trump’s Apparent Call for Foreign Cyber Hack of Clinton Sparks Security Concerns,” on July 31, 2016. The article discussed Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s comments calling for Russia to find and expose emails from Hillary Clinton’s days as secretary of state, and how his comments may be viewed as encouraging a violation of national security and individual privacy laws.

Overly said, “I’m sure he intended it facetiously, as many things he says are, but it’s an invitation to basically violate applicable laws. One of the greatest threats, in all honesty, of hacking in today’s world is this problem of state-sponsored hacking, where you have China, you have Russia, you have other countries [including the United States, engaged in the practice]. With the concerns of state-sponsored hacking, one does not want to go down the path of any government [including ours, engaging in such hacking].”

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