Lacktman Contributes to American Heart Association’s Policy Statement on Telehealth

27 December 2016 Media Contact: Dan Farrell News
Nathaniel Lacktman, chair of the firm’s Telemedicine and Virtual Care Practice, contributed to the American Heart Association’s Policy Statement on Telehealth in Cardiovascular and Stroke Care, which provides a comprehensive review of the scientific evidence evaluating the use of telemedicine in cardiovascular and stroke care as well as the effectiveness of telehealth in advancing health care quality.

Lacktman was part of a team that identified legal and regulatory barriers that impede telehealth adoption and delivery, such as technological and financial hurdles, and proposed steps to overcome these barriers. The objective of the policy statement is to promote telehealth models that ensure better patient access to high-quality cardiovascular and stroke care while striving for optimal protection of patient safety and privacy.

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