Law360 and Daily Business Review Cover Gardere New Hires in Mexico

05 January 2017 News

Law360 and Daily Business Review featured Gardere’s addition of partners Alejandro Nemo Gomez-Strozzi and Marcos Carrasco-Menchaca, along with associates Miguel Angel Concha-Fuentes, Luis Jahir Contreras-Guadarrama and Alberto Santillan-Gaitan, in the Firm’s Mexico City office.

Mr. Carrasco-Menchaca noted that the biggest factor contributing to the group’s decision to join Gardere was the fact that the Firm offers access to trade specialists in the U.S. “That makes a lot of sense to us because we sometimes have clients requesting services in the U.S.,” he said. “We were a small boutique firm in Mexico and this incorporation provides us a large platform to promote our services.”

Subscribers can access the Law360 article here and the Daily Business Review article here. The full press release announcing the attorneys’ move can be found here.

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