Simon Quoted on FCPA Enforcement in 2017

18 January 2017 Agenda News


Partner David Simon was quoted in an Agenda article, “SEC, DOJ to Trim FCPA Enforcement in 2017.” The article discussed how new leadership at the SEC and DOJ in 2017 may impact enforcement at both agencies, particularly as it relates to prioritization of anti-bribery and corruption compliance. In reference to Jeff Sessions as the new attorney general, Simon said Sessions is viewed as a “prosecute or don’t prosecute kind of guy.” Under Sessions’ leadership, the DOJ could take a more black-and-white approach to the FCPA, issuing fewer deferred and non-prosecution agreements over gray-area cases, he said.

The article also focused on the DOJ’s FCPA pilot program and whether it will continue under the Trump administration. Simon said that, “My optimistic side says if the new administration is trying to make this more of a pro-business paradigm, they’ll actually take it further and build more certainty in.”