Rathburn Interviewed About WannaCry, Ransomware Attack Avoidance

25 May 2017 WUWM-FM (NPR Milwaukee) News

Partner Jennifer Rathburn was interviewed on Milwaukee Public Radio’s ‘Lake Effect’ show for a segment titled “Are Cyber-Attacks the New Normal for Businesses?” She covered the recent WannaCry ransomware attack and gave best practices for how businesses can dodge ransomware attacks moving forward. 

Rathburn discussed the questions businesses need to be asking when protecting themselves against ransomware: “It’s figuring out what are your crown jewels that you want to protect at your company and figuring out what kind of risks are we going to accept. What are we going to mitigate, what are we going to outsource, what are we going to insure for? And that has to be pushed up to the Board of Directors. Where the Board or the C-suite really has an understanding of where that risk is.” 

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