Overly Quoted on Cyber Hygiene Bill

30 June 2017 SC Magazine News
Partner Mike Overly was quoted in an SC Magazine article, “Bipartisan bill aims to generate cyber hygiene best practices,” covering the Promoting Good Cyber Hygiene Act, a cybersecurity bill introduced by the Senate Republication High-Tech Task Force. This proposed bill would outline best cybersecurity practices that would be reviewed, updated and published for public consumption on an annual basis to better prepare and protect individuals against cybercriminal attacks.

Overly explains that “[t]his type of legislation could be argued to create a de facto standard that, if a business follows it, they will be protected from potential liability.”

However, in terms of the bill’s ability to push businesses to improve their cyber hygiene habits, Overly notes that “[the] bill will have absolutely no impact whatsoever on the problem.”