Barth Quoted on M&A Demand, Outlook of Trump’s Tax Reform Proposition

24 July 2017 BizTimes Milwaukee News
Partner Steven Barth was quoted in a BizTimes Milwaukee article, “M&A Demand Continues to Outpace Supply: Proposed Tax Changes Could Further Heighten Activity,” covering the impact that President Trump’s proposed tax reform would have on the mergers and acquisitions landscape.

Barth explained that Trump’s proposed lower one-time tax on capital held offshore by U.S. corporations would mean that “[companies] can take their sweet time of bringing [cash] home. If it was something of a temporary tax holiday, the flow of money into the U.S. … has to be used by this company somehow.”

He also explained that the repatriation tax is “too speculative to have any impact. If it starts getting closer, if there was a bill that was passed by the House, for example, before it gets to the Senate, then it would start impacting the timing of deals.”