Gardere Chair Holly O’Neil Discusses Growth Strategies on KERA's "CEO"

04 August 2017 News

Holland N. O’Neil, chair of Gardere’s board of directors, was featured on the August episode of KERA’s “CEO” with host Lee Cullum. In the interview, O’Neil discusses the firm’s growth and development strategies in the global economy. 

“A lot of it is very client-driven,” O'Neil said. “The clients are looking for specialists.”

O’Neil and Cullum also discuss the drop in law school applicants, opportunities for new lawyers and navigating bankruptcy (O’Neil’s specific practice area), as well as the firm’s other various areas of practice. 

KERA’s "CEO" features insightful discussions with successful North Texas business leaders from the corporate and nonprofit sectors about what it takes to make a company successful in today’s global marketplace and changing economy.

Watch the full episode here.

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