Rathburn Discusses Need for Guidance under New Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force

13 September 2017 Health IT Security.com News
Partner Jennifer Rathburn discussed the report of the Health Care Industry Cybersecurity Task Force in the Health IT Security.com article, “Why Guidance Is Critical for Strengthening Healthcare Cybersecurity.”

The task force was created under the Cybersecurity Information Security Act of 2015 and included representatives selected by the Secretary of Health & Human Services in coordination with the Department of Homeland Security and NIST. The task force’s report, published earlier this year, highlighted medical device security as a key imperative, along with improving information sharing.

Rathburn noted that while the task force’s report is not law, it still offers key guidance and recommendations for healthcare organizations. “You have to stay one step ahead in the world of cybersecurity. While this report is not law, healthcare organizations should take the recommendations seriously. Thoughtful minds came together thinking about some of the big issues.

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