Mitchell Discusses Legality of Clinton Campaign’s Funding of Trump Russian Dossier

25 October 2017 Washington Examiner News
Partner Cleta Mitchell is quoted in a Washington Examiner article, “Did Hillary Clinton break the law hiring Trump dossier author?” about the role the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party played in the funding of opposition research on Donald Trump during last year’s presidential campaign by former British spy Christopher Steele.

Mitchell said the Clinton campaign and the Democratic National Committee may have violated a federal ban on foreign contributions to U.S. campaigns. “I think disclosure is not the key here, it’s the foreign issue: that is a big damned deal,” she said.

Mitchell also said there is a strong public policy historically that prohibits paying a foreign national or receiving anything of value from a foreign national in a U.S. campaign. “If it involves an amount over $25,000 and it’s knowing and willful, it’s a felony,” she said.