SE Texas Record Covers Gardere’s Trial Victory for Client Inhance Technologies

01 February 2018 News

The SE Texas Record, a publication that covers the civil justice system in Texas, has reported on Gardere client Inhance Technologies LLC’s victory against TMRJ Holdings. Partners Jessica Glatzer Mason and Rachel Powitzky Steely served as the lead attorneys on Inhance’s trial team. 

“This is really a very clear pronouncement on this legal issue,” Mason said. “It is an issue that hasn’t been fleshed out previously.”

Mason routinely advises clients on unfair competition and trade secret protection, including drafting and reviewing noncompetition and employment agreements, as well as litigating such matters, and seeking and defending against injunctive relief. 

Steely is a practitioner in the field of unfair competition litigation and has extensive experience representing clients in prosecuting and defending expedited proceedings seeking emergency injunctive relief related to noncompetes, trade secret theft and embezzlement.

The entire article is available here.

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