Goldberg Quoted on Proxy Fight Between HomeStreet Inc. and Roaring Blue Lion Capital Management

09 March 2018 Valuewalk News
Partner Phillip Goldberg is quoted in a Valuewalk article, “Activists in REITs See A New Theme – Dual Class Shares,” about the response he drafted on behalf of Roaring Blue Lion Capital Management to the decision last week by the Washington-based bank to invalidate the activist’s two nominees to its board of directors.

“As discussed below, the Supreme Court of Washington believes that the right to vote for directors is so important that it cannot be annulled for technical reasons,” Goldberg wrote. “In other words, the Comment Letter is nothing more than an attempt by the company to disenfranchise shareholders’ voting rights and impede Blue Lion OMF [the activist’s fund]’s solicitation of proxies, based on inaccurate technicalities.”

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