Davis Weighs in on Potential M&A Risks Under Trump Administration

16 April 2018 Agenda News
Partner Gardner Davis was quoted in an article in Agenda, “Does Federal Deal Scrutiny Signal New M&A Risk?” about potential changes in the M&A landscape under the Trump administration.

The vast majority of corporate transactions won’t end up in the government’s cross hairs, Davis said. But for the small number of deals facing “unexpected regulatory turbulence,” such as the proposed merger between AT&T and Time Warner, the heightened scrutiny appears to be the result of “political animosity as opposed to traditional regulatory activity,” he said.

Companies, in turn, may be met with unwelcome unpredictability, Davis added. “Nobody in business likes this uncertainty. Moreover, the uncertainty ripples through the economy because rational economic decisions consistent with established law no longer control,” he said. “At a basic level, the rule of law does not anticipate politicians’ picking winners and losers like this.”

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