Husisian Comments on Prospects for NAFTA Deal

02 April 2018 Forbes News
Partner Greg Husisian is quoted in a Forbes article, “Game Changer in NAFTA as Trump Makes Mexican Border A Potential Deal Breaker,” about the chances that a NAFTA deal will be struck prior to Mexico’s July 1 presidential election.

Husisian views President Trump’s threats to pull out of NAFTA over the issue of border security as a tactic designed to apply leverage in the trade talks.

“I see no chance of this getting wrapped up by July 1, let alone May 1 (the deadline Trump has set for a trade deal in exchange for a temporary exemption from his proposed tariffs on aluminum and steel),” Husisian said. “This is an important trade deal for Mexico. [Leading presidential candidate Andres Manuel Lopez] Obrador can talk all he wants about more trade with China or whatever. But if NAFTA dies, the whole Mexican economy takes a hit. They are really limited on how much they can stick it to the U.S. in these negotiations.”