Tantleff Discusses Spate of GDPR-Related Emails

25 May 2018 Politico News
Partner Aaron Tantleff was quoted in a Politico article, “Those GDPR Emails You Got? All for Nothing,” about the necessity of the barrage of emails businesses sent out this week asking clients and contacts to confirm their privacy policies as the EU’s new privacy rules kicked in under the GDPR.

A large number of companies uncertain about the implications of the EU’s new privacy rules under the GDPR sent emails to entire databases of existing customers asking the contacts to consent to the collection of data they already held.
Tantleff said that the majority of the emails were unnecessary under the new rules and that companies that sent them may now find themselves in a sticky situation. “Many of the companies that sent out the emails asking for consent are going to find that they are going to lose a sizable portion of their mailing list. While some respondents will affirmatively respond and provide consent, there are plenty of individuals who are saying no, with another sizable percentage of individuals not responding at all,” he said.