Mitchell Comments on Pressure Campaign Against Senator Collins in Kavanaugh Confirmation Vote

11 September 2018 NBC News News
Partner Cleta Mitchell was quoted in a NBC News article, “Abusive Calls Are the Latest in a Pressure Campaign Against Sen. Collins,” about the campaign of pressure on Sen. Susan Collins to oppose the confirmation of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Mitchell told NBC News that the pressure campaign, which includes vulgar messages, wire hangers and a questionable fundraising campaign to highlight opposition to Kavanaugh, is “legally problematic.”

“If they walked into her office and said we’ll give you a million dollars to vote against Kavanaugh, well, that’s a bribe,” Mitchell said. “It certainly seems to me that it is a thing of value for an official action and it’s a quid-pro-quo. It is tied to a specific vote.”

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