Boland Co-Authors Op-Ed on Boardroom Diversity

22 October 2018 Boston Globe News
Partner Beth Boland has co-authored an Op-Ed for the Boston Globe, "As California bolts ahead, Mass. needs to catch up on boardroom diversity," about the need for more women on the boards of directors of publicly traded companies in the state. The article cites a new California law requiring publicly traded companies headquartered there to include more women on their corporate boards, as well as similar requirements that have existed for more than a decade among many countries in Europe. If Massachusetts-based companies don't move quickly to diversify on their own, the authors argue, the state legislature may be tempted to adopt mandatory measures based on the California model and the state may face a brain drain of its best and brightest women to California-based companies, particularly in the technology, manufacturing, retail, life sciences, and service sectors.

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