Mitchell Commented on Democrats’ Threats to Sue Administration over Whitaker

09 November 2018 Daily Beast News
Partner Cleta Mitchell was quoted in a Daily Beast article “Senate Dems Explore Suing Trump over Matt Whitaker Appointment,” about whether Senate Democrats could raise a constitutional challenge to the Trump Administration’s appointment of Matthew Whitaker as acting U.S. Attorney General. Whitaker was appointed under the Vacancies Reform Act, which allows for the filling of certain vacation positions.

“It’s a ridiculous lawsuit,” Mitchell said of the idea. “The president can appoint who he wants to. But you know that doesn’t keep them from going to some crazy 9th circuit judge, an Obama-appointee in California, and getting something––but I don’t think that they’ll get anywhere with that.”

“The Senate Democrats are just trying to make themselves relevant after their shellacking on Tuesday,” she added.

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