Mitchell Quoted on Controversial Campaign Ad

05 June 2019 Breitbart News

Partner Cleta Mitchell was quoted in a Breitbart article, “Gregory Murphy NC-03 Campaign Calls PAC’s Attack Ad ‘Full of Lies,’” about a controversial campaign ad being aired on local television stations in the Republican runoff election for North Carolina’s 3rd Congressional District.

Mitchell, who represents the campaign of State Rep. Grey Murphy, sent a memorandum to the stations asking them to stop airing a commercial on behalf of opponent Joan Perry by the Winning For Women Action Fund, which Murphy contends is “full of lies.”

“A central claim in this ad is that Dr. Greg Murphy ‘said’ that ‘President Trump is the worst top of ticket in our history,’” Mitchell wrote. “There is no support and no link to any documentation for the claim because it is not true.”

“To avoid liability for distributing such a recklessly false ad, your station must immediately cease airing it,” she added. “The assertion that Dr. Murphy made the statement is false and is contradicted by the very news media account from which the statement in the script is supposedly taken.”

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