Mitchell Quoted on Complaint Against Nonprofit for Allegedly Skirting State Law

21 August 2019 The Daily Caller News

Partner Cleta Mitchell was quoted in an article in The Daily Caller, “Exclusive: Mysterious Group Behind Climate Crusades Dinged For Allegedly Skirting Financial Regulations,” about a complaint she filed against an obscure nonprofit group behind efforts to take on the fossil fuel industry for allegedly failing to register as a foreign agent in Maryland.

Mitchell, whose complaint alleges that Client Communications and Law (CCL) is violating Maryland laws governing where a nonprofit company can operate if it is registered in another part of the country, said it concerns her that the organizations she works with “try so hard to comply with the myriad regulations and legal requirements for all nonprofits [while] this entity – which has ‘law’ in its name – appears to just thumb its nose at the laws that others work hard at complying with.”

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