Mitchell Comments on Prospect of New Ethics Rules on Legal Expense Funds

03 September 2019 Law360 News

Partner Cleta Mitchell was quoted in a Law360 article, “Trump Legal Fund Adds Fire To Ethics Rule Debate,” about a push for new ethics rules governing legal expense funds, which are trusts set up to help pay the legal expenses of executive branch officials.

Mitchell, who has worked on various legal expense funds, said she welcomes the issuance of such rules, as long as they are not overly stringent or burdensome. “I don’t want them to go too far and micromanage,” she said.

She also said she hopes the U.S. Office of Government Ethics, which is drafting the new rules, views the process as an opportunity to make it easier – not harder – for legal expense funds to raise money and help executive branch officials pay their legal bills. “In real life, there are people who go into the government who are not millionaires who have a hard time defending themselves against spurious charges,” she said.

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