Lacktman Comments on Effects of Video Telehealth Requirements

09 October 2019 mHealthIntelligence News

Partner Nate Lacktman was quoted in an mHealth Intelligence article, “Do Video Telehealth Requirements Curtail Access in Rural States?” about a study showing that states that mandate video-based telehealth may be limiting access to care for underserved populations who don’t have the broadband capacity to use video.

Lacktman, chair of the firm’s national Telemedicine & Digital Health Industry Team, said the study’s hypothesis is intriguing because it connects one of the early promises of virtual care (reaching patients in rural, medically-underserved areas) to the reality of increasing demands on internet bandwidth due to streaming media and other online services. “Laws that per se mandate the use of audio-video telemedicine fail to account for such differences in resources and economic disparity, which can further disenfranchise the very patients in underserved areas telemedicine was intended to help,” he said.