Neuberger Discusses Implications of Business Travel, Coronavirus and Workers Comp Benefits with Fortune

12 February 2020 Fortune News

Of Counsel Mark Neuberger was quoted in the Fortune article, "My Boss Wants Me to Travel During the Coronavirus. Do I Have to Go?" about what obligation businesses have to their employees relating to business travel as the threat of coronavirus spreads.

Neuberger noted that if an employee contracts the virus during business travel and is eligible for workers compensation, the payout will not be lucrative. “It's not great shakes. It will cover your medical and a portion of your wages, but you can’t sue for pain or suffering or other claims available in tort law."

While employees are on shaky legal footing for refusing to travel on business due to fear of the virus, he noted that good management mitigates in favor of flexibility. ”There’s the legal answer but, from a practical management point of view you don’t want to force people who are scared into doing something,” he said.

The same holds true for returning employees. “Be flexible and encourage them to work from home,” Neuberger said.

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