Gomez Strozzi Interviewed in El Heraldo

29 April 2020 El Heraldo News

Partner Alejandro Gomez-Strozzi was interviewed on the Heraldo Radio  news show, “Referente Informativo,” about the operation of customs in Mexico and the appointment of its new director, Horacio Duarte.


Gomez Strozzi said that the customs system in Mexico has international standards and a solid infrastructure. An effort has been made to automate the customs processes but has not been completely successful. 


“Customs is a very complex operation, in general, a very complex process. A small technical issue could give rise to an operational difficulty, and therefore opens the door to pressures, corruption, etc,” he said. Additionally, Mexico is a very open country, with many different transactions. The operation in the northern border alone is very active.


Listen to the interview here.

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