Ginsburg Publishes in SportsBusiness, Exploring How Rams Jerseys May Point Towards a New Area of Sports Sponsorships

15 June 2020 SportsBusiness News
Associate Jarren Ginsburg authored the SportsBusiness article, “Rams jerseys point toward future NFL uniform ads,” which explored how a patch on theLos Angeles Rams' new uniforms may preview an important new area of sports sponsorship.
In his article, Ginsburg noted a new patch on the Rams new uniforms whose contrasting colors may signal the NFL’s willingness to allow players to wear on-jersey sponsorships.
“For a long time, use of these patches on gameday, though prevalent and lucrative in international soccer leagues, had been taboo among the “Big Four” North American sports leagues. But in 2017, the National Basketball Association became the first of these leagues to adopt on-jersey sponsorships, with deals reportedly ranging from $5m to $20m annually per team…. While the NFL has not publicly stated that in-game and on-jersey advertisements will be permitted in the near future, the Rams’ jersey patch signals that the league, its clubs, and of course jersey sponsor Nike, are ready to test those waters,” he wrote.
If this theory is correct, Ginsburg continued, the NFL has likely already begun the process of developing and honing its rules for precisely which companies can sponsor on-jersey patches, and how revenue will be shared.
Read the full article here.

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