Hosp, a Southern California Rising Star Honoree, Profiled in Super Lawyers Magazine

June 2020 Super Lawyers News
Partner Phillip Hosp was profiled in the Super Lawyers magazine article, “Bronze Star Recipient Phillip Hosp’s path to the law went through Iraq.”


In the profile Hosp discussed his military career, which began as a member of the ROTC at Boston University. He served two tours of duty in Iraq and was awarded the Bronze Star for helping to save the lives of his platoon after a close encounter with an IED in a parked car in Iraq.
He decided to attend law school after returning from Iraq in 2006. Hosp told Super Lawyers magazine that he  still finds a deep connection between the military and the law. "In a combat zone, you are presented with situations you can’t look up in the field manual," he said.  "You have to find the most logical and commonsense answer, which is also what you do as a litigator. The military focuses on how your decision-making is affected by other people’s decision-making, on tactic and finding the best grounds to fight on. Those are things I think about every day."
Hosp is a member of Foley’s Business Litigation & Disputer Resolution Practice and works in the Los Angeles office.