Living Our Core Values in a Challenging World - A Message From Foley's Chairman & CEO

01 June 2020 Internal Memorandum News

TO: Foley Attorneys and Professional Staff

FROM: Jay Rothman, Chairman & CEO

DATE: June 1, 2020 

I speak often of our firm’s core values.  At the heart of those values lies our commitment to our people and to diversity and inclusion.  We are living in times of extraordinary challenge, and we cannot ignore the very real grief, frustration and anger that many Black Americans and allies across this nation are feeling following the death of George Floyd while in police custody, which is the most recent example of a scenario that plays itself out in our country with far too much regularity.  I certainly do not profess to have the answers, but there are some things that are very clear.  If we are to live our core values, we must be unwavering in our stand against racism in whatever form-whether overt, systemic or otherwise.  While our commitment to diversity and inclusion extends, as it should, far beyond issues of race, we cannot and should not lose sight of issues of racial inequality.

To be true to our core values, we must commit to doing the difficult work necessary to combat prejudice and effect the change that is so desperately needed.  This includes recognizing injustice, speaking out against it, supporting those impacted and finding meaningful ways to address it peacefully both in our firm and in the communities in which we are privileged to serve, while at the same time acknowledging the work of those first-responders who lawfully serve and protect our communities every day.  Importantly, we also must listen to the experiences of our Black colleagues.  While we cannot walk in their shoes, we can and must listen to their experiences as we work together to better ourselves, the firm and our country.

These are unprecedented and challenging times.  Although I cannot know what this experience is like for each of you individually, what I do know is that everyone is deserving of compassion and support.  If you are feeling grief, anger or fear, please do not hesitate to lean on your colleagues, members of our Legal Talent Development Team, or to take advantage of our Employee Assistance Program (EAP), where you will find counselors and additional resources.

And please never forget, we are on this journey together.