Rathburn Quoted in WWD About Enforcement of CCPA

01 July 2020 WWD News

Partner Jennifer Rathburn was quoted in the WWD article, “Enforcement of Calif. Data Privacy Law Begins,” discussing what retailers and brands need to know about the CCPA as enforcement of the law begins.

Rathburn told WWD that the while the CCPA is similar to the European General Data Protection Regulation, the CCPA focuses on data privacy rights, offering consumers more transparency and control over their personal information.

But they are not identical, Jennifer Rathburn, a partner at Foley & Lardner LLP, told WWD. The firm has been instrumental in developing Foley's Custom Made Counseling for the Fashion Industry in partnership with the Beacon Council, Miami International University of Art & Design, and The Fashion Group International. The collaboration of professionals provides advice on manufacturing, business, design and tech¬nology matters to the fashion, apparel and design industries.

When it comes to CCPA compliance, Rathburn said that a company that already conforms to the GDPR could be "at least 70 percent of the way there...the GDPR can be even more stringent in many ways. But there are differences." She brought up the example of someone requesting or needing to know their information-access rights, as they hold different exemptions.

"There's a whole big thing under GDPR about the rights to erasure or deletion. The CCPA actually has many exceptions to this that are different than GDPR," she added. Those details matter, especially for any brands or retailers partnering with tech vendors that tout GDPR compliance.

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