COVID-19 Forces Rethinking of Automotive Manufacturing Processes, Uetz Says

19 October 2020 Automotive News News
Partner Ann Marie Uetz was quoted in an Automotive News article, “Did COVID poke hole in just-in-time practices?” about whether the coronavirus pandemic has prompted a reconsideration of automakers’ preference for just-in-time production practices.
Uetz said Foley’s recent survey of nearly 150 manufacturing executives found that nearly two-thirds of respondents believe the pandemic will result in a shift away from the just-in-time model and a greater use of warehousing to protect manufacturers from the disruptions still threatening to bring down supply chains and assembly plants.
According to Uetz, the emerging thinking is that a choice has to be made between continuing to operate as inexpensively as possible or taking new precautions to be more resilient – even if it means accepting added costs. “Is resiliency in the supply chain most important, or is cost more important?” she asked. “How do you weigh those against each other?”
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