Mitchell Comments on Safety of Mail In Voting

30 October 2020 NewsBusters News

Partner Cleta Mitchell was quoted in a NewsBusters article, “Liberal Media Used to Warn Against Mailing Votes; Now Big Tech, Left Are Protecting It,” about the traditional media’s about-face on the safety of mail-in voting.

Mitchell said there is “not a serious legal difference” between absentee voting and mail-in voting, in the sense that both are subject to the same general vulnerabilities. “Any time there is voting taking place outside the supervision and assistance of trained election officials, there is opportunity for mischief,” she said.

She also said that while citizens had to request absentee ballots in the past, mail-in ballots are now being sent en masse and overwhelming an unprepared system. “The voter rolls are so badly maintained that sending to everyone on the list is a guaranteed way to ultimately be sending ballots to dead people, people who have moved, etc.,” she said. “And once those ballots are sent, there are few safeguards to protect against those ballots being fraudulently voted.”

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