Mitchell Quoted in Breitbart About FreedomWorks Conference on Election Integrity

07 October 2020 Breitbart News

Partner Cleta Mitchell was quoted in the Breitbart article, “Conservatives: Chaos From Left-Wing Election Lawsuits Requires Full Supreme Court,” about a recent FreedomWorks press conference on ensuring election integrity by including making sure all nine seats on the Supreme Court are filled and making the confirmation of Amy Coney Barrett an urgent matter.

Mitchell said Democrats and left-wing groups filing lawsuits has created a great deal of uncertainty about Election Day. “Left-wing groups and Democrats have filed more than 150 lawsuits in the last 14 months to ask courts to — demand that courts, both federal and state — override the laws that the legislators have put in place,” Mitchell said. “This is something we’ve never seen before.”

“It is impossible to imagine, but it is true that as we speak in states like Montana, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, the final rules are still not in place because they are being litigated as we speak,” Mitchell said

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