Foley’s San Diego Office Signs County Bar Association’s Diversity Pledge

15 April 2021 News

San Diego County Bar Association Diversity PledgeFoley & Lardner’s San Diego office is pleased to announce that it has signed the San Diego County Bar Association’s Diversity Pledge, which is designed to increase the number of underrepresented attorneys in management and leadership positions within the county’s legal organizations.

Signatories to the pledge agree to use their best efforts to meet the following goals:

  • To hire and retain entry-level and lateral underrepresented attorneys who represent the diversity of the population of the county and the surrounding region
  • To promote underrepresented attorneys to management, supervisory, executive, leadership, and similar senior positions
  • To recommend the participation of underrepresented attorneys to staff matters on behalf of outside law firms

To regularly and actively participate in diversity and inclusion events, volunteer initiatives, and diversity pathway programs organized by the county bar association, the SDCBA Committee on Diversity and Inclusion, affinity bar associations, and other law-related organizations